Sunday, August 19, 2012


I recently moved not to long ago. And a bad part about moving is you lose stuff or at least I always lose stuff when I move. Well this time I lost alot of my jewelry. Not my good jewelry but all my fun jewelry. My costume jewelry the things I did not spend a lot of money on. Well I am trying to rebuild my jewelry collection and here are a few pieces I have my eye on. The first bracelet I already bought.
Love this bracelet. Now I am on the lookout for these bracelets. These are all Stella and Dot and they are not made anymore so I have to find them on ebay but they are a must have for me.
I love Jewelry. I can get enough. I will be posting more pictures when I buy things. Kind of like jewelry of the day type of thing. Kristen

Friday, August 10, 2012


So I have been thinking alot about what inspires me in my everyday life. I work at a place that new inspiration needs to happen alot. People come in wanting to change their look all the time maybe its as simple as a hair cut but can be a whole new make over. So i got to thinking one day what around the world inspires me. I can be inspired by a simple sunrise or sunset. Trees the ocean even rocks sometimes. I also get inspiration for listening a finding out with inspires other people. So here is my task for you tell me or even show me what inspires you. Post comments below and let me know... Kristen Style her Fashion