Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ELF Order Came In

Hi guys,
So I got home from work tonight and guess what was sitting on my counter... my ELF order... I am very excited to try this stuff out... The brushes I ordered seem to be good brushes and all the other things that are listed in another blog see nice but as soon as I start to play with them and try for a few days I will be posting what I think it good and what is not so good...

If you have any Favorite ELF products let me know so I can try it...
If you have not been to the ELF website recently Right now you can buy any of there Mineral Lipsticks for 75% off Just enter code GETLIP at checkout...

shu uemura deep seawater

Hey guys,
So I got the shu uemura deep seawater on Friday... I got the rose smelling one... I have had a couple days to try this product out and all I can say is that I was told it was like a toner and a refresher for your skin... And I only see the benefits as a water that smells good on the skin... So I guess you could say some refreshing... The price tag for this bottle was 24 dollars... Was it worth it... That is the question... In my mind no...It smells wonderful on the good side... But here is my question to you guys... have any of yall tried it and had a better experience with it...

It also come in other smells like Sage, Lavender,Chamomile,Mint,Hamamelis, Bergamot, Rosemary, Rose(Which I have), and a Frangrance Free one...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eyes Lips and Face Haul

For those who do not know... ELF (Eyes Lips and Face) is a make-up company that offers a wide make-up range for people who are budget friendly... There line runs from 1 dollar to I think 5 dollars being the most expensive... They have a mineral line which has the stuff ranging up to 5 dollars, Their regular line which is all 1 dollar, and their new Studio line where everything is 3 dollars... I recently ordered stuff from this company and I am waiting on the package to arrive but while I wait to try out the products I wanted to write and tell everyone what I bought...
As soon as I get them in I will write a review on the products once I try them out...

Now to what I purchased-

I ordered these for 1 dollar each

- Eye lash Curler
Cream Eyes Shadows
- Berry Mix
-Black Licorice
-Butter Pecan
-Mocha Swril

Dramatic Lashes
Natural Lashes

Concealer Brush
Eyes Shadow Brush

Studio Line - 3 Dollars Each
-Powder Brush
-Contour Brush
-Golden Bronzer
-Eye Transformer
-Corrective Concealer
-Blush Brush
-Complexion Brush

Well thats my order can not wait till my package gets here...
If any one has any thoughts let me know

Foundation Review

Hi guys this is another review on one of my favorite products...

Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation
I have tried many foundations in my lifetime...
I have also found that my skin likes to soak up foundation and not stay all day... So while running around town or at work I always had to touch up my make-up and I was not liking that...
Then I ran in to this amazing foundation at Nordstrom's...

A few reasons I love this products
- It stays on my face all day long
- It blend in to my skin nice and has great coverage
- It is light weight
- It makes my skin look like I have no pores...( I have gotten so many complements on how my skin looks flawless)

This product is Oil free, has SPF 15 with UVA and UVB protection, it also contains Vitamin C.

To find out more on this product visit
This product price is $38.00

New Blog

Hi everyone...
I am new to this blog thing... but I have been reading lots of beauty and hair blogs and decided to write my own... I am a cosmetologist and make-up artist... I have tried many make-up and hair products... I am pretty much a products junkie... I thought I would share my love and knowledge about what I have tried before and what I really love... If you have any suggestions on products to try email me and let me know...

My First Review- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

So here it goes...
I have been searching for a new make-up line that I just love for months now... I have very sensitive skin and a hard time finding make-up that does not look like it is caked on my face... So one day I was searching online and found Smashbox on and decided that it looked like a cool line and had lots of nice products... I had saw this line many years ago but at that time I was in love with MAC products and was not going to try anything else...
So one day I was wondering around Nordstrom's and saw the Smashbox counter and decided to take a look and maybe give it a try... The girl at the counter was so nice and helped me with all my questions... Needless to say I left with alot of things... My first thing I picked up was the Photo Finish Primer

All I can say this is the best primer I have tried
- It glides on smoothly
-Has many different forms for every type of skin
-The corrector shades are amazing to ( Love the Green on to remove redness in the skin)
-Its oil free so anybody can use it.
-My foundations goes on smooth and stays on all day long where with other primers I have tried before I have never had such long last lasting results.
- It is alittle pricey but worth it. A little goes a long way so it does last for a good long time.

You can find this product at
The Price $ 36.00

If you have any thoughts on this product or other primers let me know... Leave a comment